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Yosef Fares has been a football coach in the Central Valley for 20 years, with Head Coaching experience at two different Valley programs – Madera High School and Bullard High School.


Fares started his coaching career at age 18, immediately joining the coaching staff at Bullard after graduating high school. There, he spent 14 years as a top assistant. With Bullard, Fares served as the Strength and Conditioning Coach, as well as Defensive Coordinator during his last three seasons with the Knights.


In 2016, Fares became the Head Coach of Madera High, turning the program around to become a Division 3 Valley Contender. During his time at Madera, Fares was able to turn the Coyotes into one of the top three offenses in the Valley.


After three years at Madera, Fares returned to Bullard in 2019 as the Co-Head Coach. Under his leadership, the program saw an immediate boost of energy with the return back to the semi-finals for the first time since Fares left the program in 2015.


In fall 2020, Fares was offered the Guardians Head Coach position, joining the Central community while the new Justin Garza High School was being built. Since, Fares has created a culture and football foundation for the new school and continues to draw excitement as the program grows. 


Fares had the opportunity to work directly with the NFL Atlanta Falcons through not one, but two Bill Walsh Minority Internships. During the 2022 season, Fares was chosen to be one of four coaches throughout the country to join the Falcons during training camp. Spending three weeks with the team, Fares worked directly with the defensive staff, specifically the defensive backs. Additionally, during his tenure, Fares was in constant contact with the offensive coaching staff, working alongside many each day. Fares was also on the sidelines for their first preseason game, traveling with the team to Detroit to play the Lions. In 2023, Yosef had the chance to return to the Atlanta Falcons for two weeks during OTAs, working one-on-one with the Linebackers.


Yosef is married to Casey Fares and they have two children - a seven-year-old daughter named Brooklynn and a two-year-old son named Bryant.



George Petrissans, Offensive Coordinator
Justin Nast, Defensive Coordinator
Tracy Barnes, Linebackers
Staphon Boutte, Receivers
Byron Fountain, Linebackers
Deion Perry, Quarterback 
Walter Segal, Defensive Line
Savion Simms, Cornerbacks
Jae Silva, Tight Ends
Fidel Torrez, Outside Linebacker
Aaron Washington, Running Backs


Philip White, JV Head Coach
Ron Warsinger, Cornerbacks

Brian Singh, Defensive Line

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